Hobbies For Men

Find a hobby you can genuinely enjoy and passionately partake in.


2021-08-04 3 min read

Hobbies for Men

There isn't much that's more manly than a real man who has a passion for his hobby.

Pursuing a hobby shows discipline, creates confidence, and is always a good conversational piece.

You can even discover an entire community of like-minded people and create lifelong lasting friendships.

Working with your hands and seeing your accomplishments first hand, there is no better feeling.

Disclaimer: While having hobbies can lead to supplemental income, remember the joy you have from doing it for yourself and not just the money you can potentially get. A hobby should alleviate stress, not add any more.

Get out there

Explore the world you live in and do cool shit.

Motocross/Dirt Biking, Cycling, Surfing and Hiking takes you out of your comfort zone and gives you a freedom you cannot explain to others.

man in black helmet riding orange and black atv
man standing on rock looking towards lake
man surfboarding during daytime

Physical Fitness and Challenges

Running for fun or a Marathon, participating in the Ironman Challenge, Tough Mudder, Triathlons, Exercising, Weight-Lifting, Fighting, Boxing, MMA and other forms of Fighting, and even playing Club Sports.

Challenge yourself and your body and do hard shit.

topless man in black and white shorts holding black and white boxing gloves
woman jogging on gray road across mountain during daytime
man carrying yellow barbell

Work on Precision

Shooting targets, hunting, archery, bow hunting, and billiards challenges you to aim precisely on the target. There is always room for improvement and variations you can implement to get even better. 

man in black jacket and blue denim jeans holding rifle
man in grey cardigan playing pool ball
man in brown and black plaid long sleeve shirt holding bow


Collecting pieces of history from all ages and eras in time. A timeless hobby that many people of all ages partake in. Stamps, Coins, Art, Classic Car Toys, Books, Records and more. 

green and red plastic pack
person holding vinyl records
person holding silver round coins

Work with your Hands

Hard and physical labor has been around since the dawn of mankind. There isn't much more satisfying then working, creating, and sweating your project into existence. 

Woodworking, Whittling, Masonry, Glassblowing, Wood Burning, Blacksmithing, Shoe-Making, Leatherworking and more are classic and timeless trades that men from all generations have been doing.

man sawing in room
person holding tool
brown wooden shelf with brown wooden frames

Create Life

Reap what you sow, literally. Gardening, (vegetable, flower, oriental) Farming, growing and taking care of Bonsai show demonstrate patience and nurturing traits of men.

brown and green bonsai tree
person holding green plant on black pot

Create Art

Using your hands and creative prowess to create works of art. Whether it's Sculpting, Painting, Drawing, Photography, or even Writing about life, what you know, or Poetry.

Inspiration is everywhere and we all perceive and create differently.

person about to drawing human eye
black DSLR camera floating over man's hand at the woods
person holding red and silver scissors


Work with and experience technology whether it's in Robotics, 3D Printing, Creating Websites for fun, Video-Making, or even creating a Podcast.

man in brown jacket using a machine
man in gray shirt leaning on table with headphones facing another man leaning on table with headboard
person holding DSLR camera